BREAKING: DLCC Calls on AZ GOP Rep. Austin Smith to Resign Over Ballot Signature Forgery Accusation

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A “voter integrity” Republican has been committing voter fraud this entire time

WASHINGTON — Today, the DLCC is calling on Arizona Republican Rep. Austin Smith to resign after he was accused of personally forging over 100 signatures to get his name on the 2024 ballot. Rep. Smith could face a possible criminal investigation and dropped his bid for reelection, but remains a representative in the Arizona House. Smith is a first-term representative and a member of Arizona’s far-right Freedom Caucus, as well as a leading official at the ultra-conservative network, Turning Point Action. The fraud allegations facing Smith are alarming and provide grounds for his immediate resignation. 

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“The serious allegations against Arizona Rep. Smith illustrate that he is unfit for office. Despite publically posturing himself as a so-called defender of election integrity, these allegations reveal a more sinister picture of the lengths he was willing to go to remain in office. This is emblematic of the MAGA Arizona Republican caucus, who continue to skirt the rules and implement extreme policies, like blocking efforts to repeal the Arizona 1864 abortion ban. The DLCC is glad to see a push for accountability. In the meantime, Smith has lost the trust of his constituents and has no business serving in the state House. It’s time for Smith to step down as Arizonans deserve better from their elected officials.”

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