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DLCC Calls on Representative Matt Maddock to Resign

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Michigan Republican Representative Matt Maddock rallied a crowd of rioters at yesterday’s insurrection at the Capitol where a mob of terrorists stormed the United States Capitol in an attempt to stop Congress from certifying the presidential election results. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is calling for his immediate resignation and removal from the Michigan legislature.

Let us be clear: statements from Michigan Republican leadership condemning yesterday’s violence are worthless if they do not take action and remove Representative Maddock immediately.

Michigan Republican House Speaker Jason Wentworth must call for Representative Maddock’s resignation and strip him of committee assignments should he refuse to do so.

“Representative Maddock is culpable in yesterday’s assault on our democracy and he must resign immediately,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “If he refuses, Speaker Wentworth must strip him of his committee assignments. Michigan Republicans have done irreparable damage to the fabric of our democracy by repeatedly casting doubt about our free and fair election. If they care about healing this nation, they must hold their members accountable for sowing division and fanning the flames of an angry mob.”

Michigan’s elected officials have faced consistent threats of violence over the last year, particularly over the last few weeks as Donald Trump has attempted to overthrow President-elect Biden’s victory in Michigan. Michigan Republican lawmakers have aided these efforts. This week they asked Mike Pence to overthrow the certification of the Presidential election results, a power he does not have. The former Speaker of the House, Republican Lee Chatfield, sat on the board of the Republican State Leadership Committee and met with Donald Trump as he explored whether legislators could overturn the will of the voters. The RSLC has been silent on Republican legislators who took part in yesterday’s insurrection.