DLCC Calls For Resignation of All Republican Legislators Involved in Yesterday’s Insurrection

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — This morning, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee called for the resignation of two lawmakers who took part in the insurrection at the United States Capitol yesterday. It’s become increasingly clear that there were more Republican legislators in attendance, including Senator Amanda Chase (VA), Delegate Derrick Evans (WV) and Representatives Justin Hill (MO) and Terri Lynn Weaver (TN), as well as legislators rallying in solidarity of the attempt to overthrow our election at their own state capitols. To address all of the Republican lawmakers who attended yesterday’s attack on our democracy, DLCC President Jessica Post released the following statement:

“Any Republican legislator who took part in yesterday’s insurrection, in Washington, D.C. or anywhere else in the country, should resign immediately. Yesterday was a stain on our country’s history and a dangerous affront to democracy — all those involved have no place making laws. Republicans have done immeasurable damage to the fabric of our democracy by sowing doubt in our fair and free elections and attempting to undermine the will of the voters. The only way to repair that damage is for Republicans involved to take responsibility.”