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DLCC Calls on Senator Doug Mastriano to Resign

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Pennsylvania Republican Senator Doug Mastriano attended yesterday’s insurrection at the Capitol where a mob of terrorists stormed the United States Capitol in an attempt to stop Congress from certifying the presidential election results. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is calling for his immediate resignation and removal from the Pennsylvania legislature.

Let us be clear: statements from Pennsylvania Republican leadership condemning yesterday’s violence are worthless if they do not take action and remove Senator Mastriano immediately.

Pennsylvania Senate Republican Leader Jake Corman must join Democratic calls for Senator Mastriano’s resignation and immediately strip him of committee assignments should he refuse to do so.

“People who take part in insurrection have no place in a legislative body,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “Senator Mastriano must resign immediately. If he won’t, Leader Corman must take action to hold him accountable. Republicans planted bogus distrust in our elections — the same one that elected their members. They have spent years enabling Donald Trump, spreading conspiracy theories, and sowing division in our country. It’s time for Republicans to atone and hold their members accountable so that this country can turn the page on this dark time in our history.”

On Tuesday, Senator Corman refused to seat Democratic Senator Jim Brewster, whose victory was certified by the secretary of state. Earlier this week, Senator Corman and Republican leadership sent a letter falsely claiming election irregularities and asking Congress to delay the certification of the presidential election results.