DLCC Caucus Summit Prepares State Campaigns for Nationwide November Victories

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April 27, 2016


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DLCC Caucus Summit Prepares State Campaigns for Nationwide November Victories
Training Arms Caucus Staff with Crucial Data and Strategy Tools

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post kicked off the DLCC 2016 Caucus Staff Summit today with an overview of the committee’s 2016 program and a call to action for the campaign professionals gathered from across the country. The three-day training (April 27 – 29) assembles professional caucus staffers in the nation’s capital to hone skills and reinforce best practices in everything from hiring staff and messaging to budgeting and finance to field and polling. One featured session provides a data-driven approach to maximizing Democratic success down-ballot with Donald Trump at the top of the GOP ticket.

“The 2016 election cycle provides a unique opportunity for Democratic state legislative candidates to win landmark victories in down-ballot races, and this week’s training is a key element of DLCC’s path to state-level victories this fall,” said Post. “Over the next three days, we’ll deploy innovative new data tools, train staffers in field-tested campaign practices, and hone the skills required to execute successful caucus election programs.

“This year’s Caucus Summit is our most data-driven training ever,” Post continued. “Our focus on using data and digital resources to equip our state caucus programs to run cutting-edge campaigns will deliver major legislative gains in the fall. And because no election happens in a vacuum, we’re using primary results and polling data to analyze the impact of Donald Trump’s candidacy on down-ballot elections, and we’re arming our caucuses with the tools to capitalize on the opportunities presented by a Trump ticket.

“The caucus staffers gathered here today are crucial to the future of the Democratic Party. The successful programs they run and the chambers they return to Democratic majorities this fall will advance progressive policy agendas that provide opportunity for middle-class Americans. The candidates they elect will build the bench for future cycles’ congressional, gubernatorial, and presidential candidates. And the seats they win will move Democrats toward a successful round of post-2020 redistricting. The Caucus Summit is just one critical step in this fight, and I look forward to continuing our critical work with the staffers here and our partners in states across the country as we build for success in November.”