DLCC Celebrates 100 Days Into the 2023-24 Election Cycle

Press Releases

WASHINGTON – Following a historic midterm year where the DLCC flipped four chambers red-to-blue and defended all of its Democratic majorities, the committee’s first 100 days of the 2023-24 cycle have been filled with electoral and legislative successes made possible by strategic DLCC investments and the hard work of state Democrats. Between enshrining abortion access, preserving our democracy, and holding MAGA extremists accountable, the DLCC’s electoral successes have paved the way for transformative change. We have already netted 14 special election wins this year – including one crucial red to blue flip in the Virginia Senate – all building towards our Path to the Majority strategy to win back America’s state legislatures. 

“In the first 100 days of this cycle, voters are experiencing firsthand how the DLCC’s historic victories have paved the way for legislation that makes the difference in their day-to-day lives,” said interim DLCC President Heather Williams. “As the Republican Party continues to pursue their MAGA agenda, our newly-elected Democratic legislatures are enshrining fundamental freedoms, cutting costs for working families, and preserving our democracy. This is only the beginning, and the DLCC is committed to building Democratic power across the map to get things done for millions of Americans and stop MAGA Republicans from sabotaging our country — and we have a plan to get it done.”

From massive legislative victories thanks to our historic wins, to over performing in special elections, the momentum is on the DLCC’s side this year. Here’s an overview of the first 100 days of the cycle: