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DLCC Celebrates Another Special Election Win

Press Releases


May 23, 2017
Carolyn Fiddler
National Communications Director

[email protected]

DLCC Celebrates Another Special Election Win
Democrats Flip New Hampshire House Seat from Red to Blue
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post applauded Democrat Edie DesMarais on her success in flipping a Republican seat into the Democratic column in a New Hampshire House special election. Not only did DesMarais move this seat from Republican to Democratic hands, but she also outperformed Hillary Clinton’s November numbers in the Carroll 6 District by almost 8 points.
“Congratulations to Representative-elect DesMarais on her victory tonight,” said Post. “This long-time community activist is the vanguard of the talented candidates stepping forward to win Democratic majorities in the New Hampshire legislature. DLCC is proud of communications efforts it backed in this race and is thrilled at the success of our candidate, who reflects both Democratic and New Hampshire values. This win is just latest of the ongoing electoral victories to come for down-ballot Democrats as voters reject the Trump administration’s corruption and extreme agenda.”

“DLCC was instrumental in ensuring the New Hampshire House Democrats had everything we needed to compete in this Republican district,” said House Leader Steve Shurtleff. “Change is going to happen by investing in state capitols, not just in D.C. Having an organization like DLCC behind us gives us confidence we can compete in every district across the state.”


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