DLCC Celebrates Fourth New Hampshire Special Election Victory

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September 12, 2017
Alexandra Weinroth
[email protected]
DLCC Celebrates Fourth New Hampshire Special Election Victory
Representative-elect Charlie St. Clair Flips Longtime Republican State House Seat Carried by Trump in ’16 From Red to Blue
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tonight Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post congratulated Representative-elect Charlie St. Clair on his victory in the special election for New Hampshire’s House District Belknap 9. St. Clair, who was featured as a DLCC Spotlight Race, carried the election with almost 56% of the vote, flipping the seat from red to blue. The district, which went for Trump by 17 points in 2016, was previously represented by a Republican who was forced to resign after his ownership of a hateful, misogynistic online forum came to light. House District Belknap 9 is the second seat to flip Democratic in 2017 and Democrats’ fourth legislative special election win in the state since the November election. St. Clair’s victory brings the total number of seats picked up by state Democrats since the November election to five.
“DLCC is thrilled by Representative-elect St. Clair’s victory and congratulates him on this critical win,” said Post. “A well-known community leader, Charlie will bring his longtime commitment to the advancement of Laconia to the state House where he will fight for all New Hampshirites. Tonight’s victory — in a district that went for Trump by double digits in 2016 – sends a clear message to Republicans everywhere that Americans are tired of their attacks on our values and they are not afraid to show it at the ballot box.”
This victory is just the latest in a series of Democratic special election wins as DLCC lays the groundwork for substantial gains in 2017 and 2018 in statehouses nationwide. After tonight’s win, Democrats have successfully flipped five legislative seats from red to blue and overperformed in almost every legislative special election since Trump’s inauguration. DLCC and state Democrats recently scored critical victories in Iowa, Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New York, and elsewhere. DLCC looks forward to continuing our support of Democrats in Virginia, New Jersey, Washington, Florida, and beyond as they build on Democrats’ winning momentum heading into 2018 elections. You can learn more about critical upcoming elections and follow DLCC’s Spotlight Races at races.dlcc.org.
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