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DLCC Celebrates Iowa Win in First Election of Trump’s Presidency

Press Releases


January 31, 2017

Carolyn Fiddler
National Communications Director
[email protected]

Democrat Kurth Victorious in First Election of Trump’s Presidency
DLCC Celebrates Landslide Win in Iowa House

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post applauded Democrat Monica Kurth’s landslide win in the special election for Iowa House District 89.

“Congratulations to Representative-elect Kurth on her victory tonight,” said Post. “A first-time woman candidate with a 20-plus year background in public education who’s active in her local community and interfaith groups won the first election since President Trump’s inauguration, and the significance of this should be lost on no one. DLCC was proud to support electoral efforts in this race and is thrilled by Rep.-elect Kurth’s success. She represents both Democratic and Iowa values, and her win is just the first of many electoral victories for down-ballot Democrats as voters reject the Trump administration’s extreme and bigoted agenda.”

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