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DLCC Celebrates Victory for Working Families in New Hampshire

Press Releases


February 16, 2017

Carolyn Fiddler
National Communications Director

[email protected]

DLCC Celebrates Victory for Working Families in New Hampshire
Workers Win as So-called “Right to Work” Legislation Fails

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post applauded the failure of so-called “right to work” legislation in the New Hampshire state House. In 2016, Democrats picked up 17 seats in the chamber, which covered the margin of the bill’s 200-177 defeat. Further, this vote effectively removed any “right to work” measures from future consideration until after the next election.

“New Hampshire Democrats’ unified vote to kill so-called ‘right to work’ legislation is a victory for the state’s working families,” said Post. “With Republican leaders’ eagerness to sacrifice the state’s economic future by pushing this destructive legislation, Democrats’ success in picking up 17 seats in the New Hampshire House last fall was crucial to the measure’s failure. Since this vote also effectively prohibits further ‘right to work’ bills before the 2018 elections, Democrats will continue to protect Granite State workers when we win majorities in these legislative chambers.”

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