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DLCC Celebrates Yet Another Special Election Victory

Press Releases


March 24, 2017

Carolyn Fiddler
National Communications Director

[email protected]

DLCC Celebrates Yet Another Special Election Victory
Democrat Prevails in Write-In Campaign for Pennsylvania House District

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tonight Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post celebrated the victory of Democrat Emilio Vazquez in a special election for Pennsylvania House District 197. Vazquez prevailed in this unusual race despite being forced to run as a write-in candidate after being denied a spot on the ballot by a Republican judge.

“Congratulations to Rep.-elect Vazquez on his extraordinary triumph in today’s election,” said Post. “Vazquez’s write-in election win is further evidence of the groundswell of Democratic energy and engagement we’ve seen recently in other states like Connecticut, Delaware, Virginia, and Iowa. This level of grassroots enthusiasm helped propel Vazquez to victory despite the fact that the only candidate listed on voters’ ballots was the Republican, thanks to the ruling of a GOP judge. DLCC is thrilled by this latest in a long line of successes both at the ballot box and in recruiting as we prepare for victories in future elections.”

These victories are just the latest in a series of Democratic successes in recent state legislative elections. Last fall, Democrats flipped majority control of the New Mexico House, Nevada Assembly, Nevada Senate, and Alaska House. Since November, Democrats have won special elections in the Iowa House, Iowa Senate, Virginia House, Virginia Senate, Delaware Senate, Connecticut House, and Connecticut Senate.

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