DLCC Condemns Mississippi GOP’s Subversion of Democracy, Rule of Law

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January 20, 2016


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DLCC Condemns Mississippi GOP’s Subversion of Democracy, Rule of Law
Republican Lawmakers Ignore State Law to Overturn Election Outcome

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post denounced Republicans in the Mississippi House for revoking the victory of Democratic state Rep. Bo Eaton in House District 79. The HD 79 election resulted in a tie in November, and in accordance with state law, the candidates drew straws to determine the winner. Rep. Eaton won the draw, but his GOP opponent claimed the final vote tally was incorrect and appealed the draw to the Republican-controlled state House. Today, the GOP-controlled House voted to overturn the Democrat’s victory and seat loser Mark Tullos.

“Mississippi state law delivered a clear winner in the 79th House District, and Republicans in the legislature should value upholding their state’s laws above their own partisan interests,” said Post. “By overturning the legal outcome of this House race – a process overseen by their own Republican governor and Republican secretary of state — the GOP casts doubt on the fair administration of all Mississippi elections henceforth.

“Mississippi’s Republican House members should have followed the example of their colleagues in the upper chamber and honored the outcome of this election,” continued Post. “Failure to do so indicates the House GOP’s disregard for basic electoral fairness and the equitable application of state law. Mississippians deserve better.”

In the GOP-controlled state Senate, Republicans bowed to fairness and democracy on Monday by supporting Democratic Senator-elect Bob Dearing and dismissing the desperate appeal of the GOP incumbent. Dearing won SD 37 by 64 votes.