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DLCC Congratulates Aerion Abney and Martell Covington on their Election to the PA House

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Tonight, DLCC Spotlight candidates Aerion Abney and Martell Covington held Democratic seats in Pennsylvania’s 19th and 24th House districts. Abney and Covington join a diverse coalition of state Democrats fighting for the issues that matter to Pennsylvanians, like expanded health care access and strong worker protections.  

“While Pennsylvania Republicans fill their ranks with insurrectionists and conspiracy theorists, Democrats are fighting for what matters most to working families: voting rights, quality education, and better wages,” DLCC President Jessica Post said. “We want to congratulate Aerion Abney and Martell Covington for their wins and look forward to witnessing the change that they will bring to their communities, districts, and throughout all of Pennsylvania.”  

Aerion Abney, a social worker and a leader for a national voting rights organization, has fought for Pennsylvanians for years, including working to expand access to the ballot box. He will champion pro-voter legislation such as same-day and automatic voter registration. Born and raised in his district, Martell Covington has been a nonprofit leader in the community for as long as he can remember. In Harrisburg, he will fight to raise the minimum wage and protect community-owned businesses.