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DLCC Continues Record-Breaking Fundraising Streak

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Propelled by huge victories in Virginia, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is continuing to break fundraising records, announcing more than $1.5 million raised in November and a new off-year cycle record. 

“The proof is in the numbers: Democrats across the country are fired up and ready to take back the states,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “Between redistricting and extreme Republican policies, American democracy is on the line in 2020. Our record fundraising means we will be ready to flip even more seats and chambers across the country next year.”

The DLCC has raised more than $16 million this cycle — a 50 percent increase over its fundraising at this point in 2017, the committee’s last off year. 

“Since returning to lead the DLCC in 2016, we’ve made it a top priority to diversify and increase our fundraising,” said Post. “Our strategy is working. We’ve built an unstoppable grassroots movement and are on track to raise $50 million this cycle — five times the amount we raised in 2010, the last redistricting cycle.”

The DLCC is releasing their latest numbers as their counterparts at the Republican State Legislative Committee are mired in chaos stemming from reports their president was working on the Louisiana governor’s race while they lost both chambers in Virginia. 

For the first time this year, the DLCC outraised the RSLC, despite the Republican organization also playing in statewide cabinet and judge races — further limiting how much they can spend on legislatures.

“The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is growing stronger with each chamber we flip,” Post said. “In 2010, Republicans outspent us massively in the states — but the tables are turning this cycle. We’re competing to flip chambers in another dozen chambers this year and Democrats will match or exceed Republican spending in states from Arizona to Pennsylvania, Minnesota to Texas.” 

Since President Trump’s election in 2016, the DLCC has helped flip more than 430 state legislative seats and 10 chambers from red to blue.