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DLCC Denounces Desperate GOP Sore Loser Power-Grab in North Carolina

Press Releases


December 16, 2016

Carolyn Fiddler
National Communications Director
[email protected]


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post excoriated Republican lawmakers in North Carolina for their unprecedented, unscrupulous, and possibly unconstitutional efforts to deprive Democratic Governor-elect Roy Cooper of as much authority as possible before he takes office.

“North Carolina Republicans’ move to stack electoral boards, inject partisanship into the state’s highest court, and decimate the governor-elect’s authority to appoint members of his own administration are breathtaking in their audacity – and these are only a few of the methods GOP lawmakers have deployed to undermine the power they were perfectly fine vesting in a Republican governor,” said Post. “North Carolina Republicans went to disgusting lengths to suppress votes in an attempt to ensure GOP wins at every level of the ballot in November. But despite their most appalling efforts, Democrat Roy Cooper ousted incumbent Republican Gov. Pat McCrory. Rather than gracefully accepting the will of the state’s voters, they stooped to breathtaking lengths to undermine gubernatorial authority instead.

“Gov. McCrory could have demonstrated that that he’s moved past the sore loser stage of his electoral defeat and vetoed these bills,” Post continued. “North Carolina voters decided to endow his opponent with the power he currently enjoys, and instead of respecting their judgement, McCrory has shown how little he respects the will of people he’s spent the last four years attempting to govern.”

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