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DLCC Expands List of 2016 Essential Races

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October 6, 2016
Carolyn Fiddler
National Communications Director
[email protected]


From Georgia to Wyoming, Essential Races Highlight Key Contests in Statehouse Battles Nationwide

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post announced the second installment of 45 total Essential Races in key legislative chamber battlegrounds. DLCC’s 2016 Essential Races highlight some of this year’s most exciting candidates in some of our most crucial legislative districts; the second Essential Races installment features 15 candidates from ten states.

“Democrats are primed to make significant gains in state legislative chambers across the country in November, and the candidates running in our Essential Races are key to these victories,” said Post. “This cycle’s slate of down-ballot Democratic prospects is unprecedented in its strength and represents the diverse communities of the rising American majority. The success of these candidates will not only decide the balance of power in many states, but also help statehouses better reflect the increasing diversity of the American electorate.”

The list of the second 15 Essential Races is below; you can find detailed bios and district information here. (You can find information on the first 15 Essential Races here.)

With almost 6,000 state legislative districts on the ballot this November, identifying the most important races can be daunting. These campaigns are generally lower profile than those for Congress or governor, and public polling of individual districts is rare. At just 45 districts, our Essential Races list is a bare fraction of the competitive state legislative campaigns in 2016. A list of every top-tier state legislative campaign would run into the hundreds.

Rather, this list represents a relative handful of races deserving of broader attention. Some of them are races that will likely be the most competitive in their chambers. Others provide good bellwethers for similar districts elsewhere in the state.

The final Essential Races installment will be released next week.

Essential Races – Round 2

Jeff Bridges – Colorado House District 3
Status: Democratic Open

Representative Scott Holcomb – Georgia House District 81
Status: Democratic Incumbent

Representative Pedro “Pete” Marin – Georgia House District 96
Status: Democratic Incumbent

Senator Chris Brase – Iowa Senate District 46
Status: Democratic Incumbent

Alan “Al” Gentry – Kentucky House District 46
Status: Democratic Open

Ryan Cronin – New York Senate District 6
Status: Republican Incumbent

Adam Haber – New York Senate District 7
Status: Republican Open

Ginny Favede – Ohio House District 95
Status: Republican Incumbent

Emily Hagan – Ohio Senate District 24
Status: Republican Open

Red Dawn Foster – South Dakota House District 27
Status: Republican Incumbent

Mike Pellicciotti – Washington House District 30a
Status: Republican Incumbent

Marisa Peloquin – Washington Senate District 28
Status: Republican Incumbent

Jeff Wright – Wisconsin Assembly District 51
Status: Republican Incumbent

Mandy Wright – Wisconsin Assembly District 85
Status: Republican Open

Narina Nunez – Wyoming Senate District 10
Status: Republican Open

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