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DLCC Jumpstarts 2019/2020 Elections with New Races to Watch

Press Releases
February 6, 2019
Alexandra Weinroth
DLCC Press Secretary
[email protected]
DLCC Jumpstarts 2019/2020 Elections with New Races to Watch
In 2018, nearly two-thirds of DLCC Spotlight Races won their elections
WASHINGTON — Last November the DLCC helped to usher in a new era of Democratic dominance at the state level. Running a historically diverse slate of talented candidates, the DLCC helped to flip over 400 state legislative seats from red to blue and win eight new Democratic majorities in chambers across the country. This is the most chambers flipped since the 2006 cycle and the most seats flipped by Democrats in a generation.
But the DLCC is just getting started. With more battleground chambers on the ballot in 2019 and 2020, and critical post-2020 redistricting on the horizon, today DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post announced the addition of several key 2019 races to its Spotlight Races page. These Democrats to know include candidates running in key critical elections in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Kentucky.
“After the immense success that the DLCC and state Democrats saw in 2018, we are committed to flipping even more critical seats from red to blue in 2019,” said DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post. “The DLCC is excited to bring back our Spotlight Races program, which helped voters connect with their local legislative candidates, identify critical must-win races, and elect 220 Spotlight Race candidates since its inception just two years ago.
“We are proud to stand with these Democratic candidates who will be on the ballot fighting to win crucial special elections in the upcoming months. By fighting for Democratic values such as affordable and accessible health care, clean air and water, and quality education, these candidates are advocating for an America where all families can thrive. The DLCC is fired up and ready to win these elections.”
State Democrats to know:
  • Saud Anwar, Connecticut SD-03: As the first Muslim mayor in Connecticut, Saud dedicated his tenure to humanitarian causes by aiding the federal government in advancing the cause of peace and providing disaster relief. Additionally, as a practicing physician, he has firsthand understanding of the health care system. Saud will take his track record of fighting for a stronger community to the Connecticut state Senate in this February special election. Election Date: 02/26/2019.
  • Darrell Pugh, Kentucky SD-31: Darrell is a lifelong Kentuckian and small business owner and real estate broker with a keen understanding of the challenges facing small businesses in Pikeville. He is running to grow opportunity for employers and employees alike in this critical hold in the Bluegrass State. Election Date: 03/05/2019.
  • Bridget Kosierowski, Pennsylvania HD-114: A nurse, civic leader, and lifelong Pennsylvanian, Bridget has deep roots in her community. As a mother of four—including a leukemia survivor—she has a deep understanding of America’s health care system. Bridget will fight to protect Pennsylvania’s clean air and water for future generations, and advocate for strengthening small businesses and raising the minimum wage to increase opportunity for all. Bridget is running in a critical House district to fight for her fellow Pennsylvanians. Election Date: 03/12/2019.
  • Pam Iovino, Pennsylvania SD-37: A Navy veteran with over two decades of service to her country, Pam has dedicated her career to advocating for veterans and their families. Beyond dedicating her life to public service, she is a fierce champion for defending health care for all Pennsylvanians and advocating for students. Pam has what it takes to flip this longtime Republican-held district in a special election this April. Election Date: 04/02/2019.
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is the nation’s only organization exclusively committed to electing Democrats to state legislatures and winning Democratic control of chambers. For more than two decades, the DLCC has worked to build the Democratic Party from the ground up by recruiting, training, and supporting the next generation of Democratic leaders. This past election cycle, the DLCC flipped over 400 legislative seats from red to blue, established eight new Democratic majorities, and created seven new trifectas of Democratic power. To learn more, visit, and follow the DLCC on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
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