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DLCC on Latest Nevada Recall Petition

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November 15, 2017
Mara Sloan
DLCC Communications Director
[email protected]
DLCC on Latest Nevada Recall Petition
Executive Director Jessica Post calls out Republicans for underhanded recalls
WASHINGTON — Republicans in Nevada submitted signatures Tuesday afternoon to the Secretary of State to officially recall State Senator Nicole Cannizzaro (SD6). Like the other two frivolous recall attempts of State Senators Joyce Woodhouse (SD5) and Patricia Farley (SD8), no official reason for the recall has been given.
“The DLCC continues to be disappointed by the Republicans wasting time and taxpayer dollars on these unnecessary recall efforts,” said Jessica Post, the DLCC Executive Director. “After failing to garner support to recall Senator Patricia Farley, the DLCC and our in-state partners are working around the clock to ensure Nevadans’ voices are heard and their November 2016 votes are respected. We will continue to closely monitor this process and work hard to protect democracy and prevent this underhanded tactic from going any further.”
In 2016, Nevada Democrats successfully flipped control of both chambers in the state legislature – the only state in the nation to do so. Republicans are desperate to turn back the clock and reclaim control, so they are attempting to recall State Senators Joyce Woodhouse and Nicole Cannizzaro for no reason other than that they are Democratic women whose policy platforms differ from Republicans’ goals.
Republicans and special interests recently failed to submit a qualifying petition to recall Senator Patricia Farley and their petitions to recall Sen. Woodhouse and Sen. Cannizzaro barely met the signature threshold. In SD6, Republicans cut it close, submitting just above the number of signatures necessary and less than an hour before their deadline.
Meanwhile, the number of Nevada voters revoking their signatures grows every day: more than 1,000 constituents revoked their signatures before the petition was even filed and more revocations are still possible.
The recall petitions have caused statewide outrage, with Nevada journalist and political commentator Jon Ralston calling the recalls “an outrageous abuse” and a “subversion of democracy.” Republican Governor Brian Sandoval expressed his opposition to this effort from state Republicans and special interests, recognizing that there was no legitimate reason for the recalls and stating it sets “a dangerous precedent.
The DLCC has created a recall committee called Our Votes, Our Voice to run a “decline to sign” campaign to educate and ask voters to not sign a recall petition through mail, field, and digital ads. They have been active in field efforts to talk with voters about what Republicans are trying to do and will closely monitor the signature verification process.
If you signed a petition and would like to have your name removed, visit or call 702-580-4952.
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