DLCC Launches Website Highlighting GOP Attacks on Abortion Rights in the States

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WASHINGTON — In recognition of the 49th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, today the DLCC launched an interactive website highlighting how the fight to protect reproductive rights runs through the states. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe, 26 states are expected to ban abortion because of new restrictions passed by Republican-controlled legislatures or pre-existing abortion bans that would go into effect. Two of these states, Michigan and Arizona, are DLCC targets. 15 Democratic-controlled states and D.C. have already explicitly protected the right to an abortion. Given the conservative-leaning Supreme Court and the gridlock in the U.S. Senate, the most effective way to protect reproductive rights is investing in, organizing, protecting, and helping Democrats win state legislative races.

The DLCC also launched a “States to Save Roe Fund” to help Democrats and the DLCC fight back against Republican attacks on abortion rights and to protect Democratic chambers that serve as a firewall for access to reproductive health care.

Visit StatesToSaveRoe.Com Here

DLCC President Jessica Post said: “Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of if the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade, but when, leaving state legislatures as the last line of defense to protect reproductive rights. That’s why we’re launching our States to Save Roe campaign to educate and encourage voters to get more involved in state legislative races by showing where abortion rights are vulnerable or protected. We also highlight where voters can make the biggest difference this election cycle in flipping seats in chambers that could protect abortion rights. Voters are fed up with Republicans’ legislating our bodies and will be fired up at the polls to regain autonomy over our own health care decisions.”