DLCC Leads Candidate Recruitment Efforts With Second Session of The Combine

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July 21, 2017
Alexandra Weinroth
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DLCC Leads Candidate Recruitment Efforts With Second Session of The Combine
The Combine Coordinates Recruitment Efforts from Across the Progressive Community
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post and Chief Political Officer Dave Griggs convened DLCC’s recruitment table, The Combine, for its second meeting. DLCC was joined by new and returning participants, with representatives from over a dozen allied organizations including EMILY’s List, Run For Something, Emerge America, organized labor, and beyond in attendance. The session comes on the heels of DLCC’s largest Annual Meeting ever, where state Democrats from across the country met to outline the Committee’s strategy moving into 2018.
“The success of The Combine is already apparent as DLCC works to fortify state Democrats’ extensive candidate recruitment efforts,” said Post. “With our direct ties to caucuses and legislative leaders and our ever-expanding in-state infrastructure, DLCC is uniquely equipped to amplify the voices of state Democrats at the national level. Democrats’ recent victories in legislative special elections prove that in the Trump era of Republican dysfunction, even the reddest of districts are in play. The Combine will ensure Democrats’ message of fighting for working families, protecting healthcare access, and defending our core values is represented in more legislative districts than ever.”
“The DLCC is proud to lead this unparalleled campaign to share resources and knowledge across the progressive community,” said Griggs. “Enthusiasm for state-level elections is at an all-time high and DLCC is prepared to build on Democrats’ winning momentum and spearhead the movement to retake statehouse majorities ahead of critical 2020 redistricting. By recruiting top candidates and simultaneously diagnosing and remedying gaps in local recruiting infrastructure and practices, The Combine is already putting Democrats on the path to victory in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, and beyond. DLCC is pleased to contribute yet another weapon to the Democratic arsenal as we work to build Democratic from the ground up and thwart GOP efforts to gerrymander another decade of elections.”
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