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Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee On The Fight For Democracy In Wisconsin 

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Today, ahead of the Wisconsin Supreme Court hearing on challenges to the state’s gerrymandered maps, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee reaffirms its commitment to the fight for democracy in Wisconsin as the committee lays the groundwork for the state’s critical 2024 elections. 

While new maps could mean a competitive election for the majorities in the state legislatures, in the meantime, the DLCC has invested early in Wisconsin this cycle as we make the case to voters for next fall’s elections as we work to break the near veto-proof supermajority Republicans currently have in the Wisconsin legislature. In any scenario, we will continue to hold Republicans accountable for their anti-democratic behavior.

DLCC interim President Heather Williams released the following statement:

“Wisconsin is one of the worst gerrymandered states in the country and Republicans have robbed voters of true representation for far too long. From an unfair balance in the state legislature to seats in Congress, the path to righting this wrong is clear: if Democrats want progress on redistricting, fair election administration, and expanded voting rights, we must invest in the states.”

“The Wisconsin Supreme Court is long overdue in taking up this case. The DLCC is already hard at work building the campaigns that will break Republicans’ supermajority and win back power for Democrats next fall. The time for fair representation in Wisconsin is long overdue.”

The DLCC has included Wisconsin in our Path to the Majority strategy for the 2023-24 cycle. Along with an immediate goal of preventing a Republican supermajority in the state and protecting Governor Tony Evers’ veto, the DLCC stands ready to fight for the full legislature in 2024.

The DLCC is the official Democratic Party committee dedicated to winning America’s state legislatures. Last year, the DLCC defied the odds by not losing any state legislative majorities, flipping four key chambers, and creating four new Democratic trifectas – the best midterm year for the party in power since at least 1934. State legislatures are the building blocks of our democracy and pass the policies that have the biggest impact on Americans’ day-to-day lives.