DLCC President Applauds Representative David Lewis’s Resignation

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WASHINGTON — In response to news that North Carolina Representative David Lewis is resigning from the General Assembly while facing federal charges, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post released the following statement:

“Today’s news is a fitting end for the man who destroyed North Carolina’s democracy. Lewis was the architect of one of the most extreme gerrymanders we’ve ever seen, preventing North Carolinians from holding right-wing Republicans accountable and electing a government that is responsive to their needs.

“From Medicaid expansion to more money for schools to protections for the LGBTQ community, North Carolina Republicans have consistently stood in the way of progress for their constituents, and they have David Lewis to thank for that. We look forward to ruining his work by turning North Carolina blue at all levels of the ballot this November.

“This is a fitting end for a national disgrace to representative government.”