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DLCC President Statement on Arizona GOP’s Voter Suppression Legislation

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post released the following statement today after Arizona Republicans passed legislation purging 100,000+ voters from the vote-by-mail list:

“This is voter suppression, plain and simple. Republicans are purging more than 100,000 Arizonans from voter rolls in a blatant attempt to reduce the number of voters in future elections.

“Arizona Republicans are scared that their state will turn into the next Virginia as more and more voters turn out to vote for Democrats. But instead of winning the majority of voters with policy platforms, they’d rather limit who can vote to keep themselves in office.

“If we’ve learned one thing in the past few months, it’s that Republicans will do anything to hold onto their power. From spreading conspiracy theories to fueling a deadly insurrection, the GOP has crossed every ethical boundary. This voter suppression bill is just one action of many by Republicans to rig elections in their favor.

“Republicans say they care about election integrity. But their bogus claims of electoral fraud are just cover for extreme voter suppression, and they’re wasting taxpayer resources with their bogus ‘fraudit’ that’s nothing more than a wild goose chase for evidence of bizarre conspiracy theories. GOP lawmakers across the country have already filed over 360 bills that would restrict voting rights just in the 2021 legislative session — and they’ll keep filing more if they maintain control of legislative chambers.”