DLCC President Statement On Florida Poll Tax

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — In response to news that the Supreme Court would allow Florida to continue disenfranchising formerly incarcerated individuals, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post released the following statement:

“An overwhelming majority of Floridians voted to restore voting rights, but widespread popular support is no obstacle to Republicans’ voter suppression agenda. The Florida Legislature voted to impose a clearly unconstitutional poll tax on these voters and now the Supreme Court is adding to its long, abysmal record on voting rights by letting them have their way. The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy, but the GOP has decided that voter participation is the greatest threat to their fortunes.

“We cannot count on the courts to save our democracy — we have to defend it at the ballot box this and every year. A vote for Republicans is a vote for extreme partisan gerrymandering, voter suppression, and an assault on our fundamental rights. Electing more Democrats to state legislatures and offices up and down the ballot is the only choice to defend our democracy.”