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DLCC President Statement on New Hampshire Primary

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — In response to the New Hampshire primary results, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post released the following statement: 

“We are so proud of the slate of Democratic candidates running in New Hampshire this cycle as they fight to take on the Free State Republicans and MAGA loyalists in the GOP. Gaining ground in the New Hampshire legislature is a priority for the DLCC this cycle as Republicans work to ban abortion, defund public education, and keep property taxes high. The GOP in New Hampshire has become deeply out of step with voters, whether it’s trading moderate leadership for radicals like Jason Osborne or energy prices skyrocketing under Republican control. We will hold the GOP accountable for their embrace of election deniers and insurrectionists like Jeremy Herrell, who is running in a competitive House district. Democrats are fighting for a more prosperous New Hampshire that will ensure high-quality public education, defend abortion rights, and lower the cost of living for all Granite Staters.” 

New Hampshire Republicans are profoundly out of step with the average Granite Stater, embracing election deniers and insurrectionists. Last year the Republican-controlled legislature passed profoundly unpopular legislation, including the state’s first modern abortion ban into law, and earlier this year, the majority of House Republicans voted to continue debate on HB1477, a six-week abortion ban. Osborne himself clearly has deep connections to fringe right-wing groups, and recently, Osborne came under fire for posting racial slurs and even questioning the need for age of consent laws.