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DLCC Releases Final Strategy Memo

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — With just one week until Election Day, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is releasing a final campaign memo outlining the state of play in its top target states. Earlier this year, the DLCC announced an unprecedented $50 million campaign to take back legislative majorities across the country.  

Read the full memo here.

“We launched a historic campaign to flip state legislative seats and chambers from red to blue this year because the legislators we elect this year will have an outsized impact on the course of American politics for at least a decade,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “With just a week left, the momentum is on our side — but we will have to fight for every last vote.” 

Republicans are pouring money into battleground states as a result of their threatened majorities. While the Democrats are on offense, they are running on extremely gerrymandered maps. If Republicans retain their majorities, they will attempt to gerrymander themselves back into power across the country for the next decade.