DLCC Releases First Round of Georgia Spotlight Candidates

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WASHINGTON — With just over two months until Election Day, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is rolling out its first slate of Georgia spotlight candidates. Republican extremism is dragging candidates down at all levels of the ballot this year, and Democrats are poised to make gains in districts across the state.

“The events of this year, from mismanaging a pandemic to embracing conspiracy theories, proves that Georgia Republicans are unfit to govern,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “And the contrast could not be clearer: We have an incredible group of leaders who stand ready to fight for their communities in the legislature. Georgians are tired of extremism and are going to hold Republicans accountable this November.”

After flipping over a dozen seats in 2018, Democrats are poised to make further gains this year as Republicans’ toxic unpopularity repels voters across the state and country. Mismanagement has left the state facing one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the country, and in recent weeks Georgia Republicans have taken extremism to a whole new level, embracing conspiracy-mongering candidates in primaries.

The DLCC’s 22 Spotlight Candidates in the Peach State are a dynamic group of educators, activists, and community leaders. These hardworking Georgians are set to make significant gains in the state House and deliver a blow to the entrenched GOP leadership:

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is the official Democratic organization dedicated to winning state legislative seats. Earlier this year, the DLCC unveiled its unprecedented $50 million campaign to “Flip Everything” this November. Since Trump’s election, the DLCC and state partners have flipped over 450 seats and 10 chambers from red to blue.