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DLCC Renews Calls for PA Senator Doug Mastriano to Be Removed

Press Releases

WASHINGTON —  A new investigation by Pennsylvania Spotlight shows that insurrectionist Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano passed through a police barricade and walked on the northwest lawn of the Capitol moments before the building was breached during the January 6th insurrection. The newly-discovered photos provide a fuller picture of Mastriano’s activities on January 6th, suggesting that he engaged in unlawful activities and later lied to cover up his involvement. 

“We must hold every Republican elected official accountable for their involvement in the violent insurrection on January 6th,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Doug Mastriano has no business in public office and must be removed immediately. This new evidence suggests he’s been lying about his activities on that shameful day. If Pennsylvania Republicans refuse to take action, then that means they must stand with him.”

In January, Pennsylvania Senate Republican Leader Jake Corman claimed that absent clear facts that Senator Mastriano engaged in illegal acts during the insurrection, the Senate had no responsibility to take action against him. In light of these new photos, Corman must finally take action to hold his members accountable for this assault on our democracy.

PA Spotlight: #Seditionhunters use PA Spotlight to further track Mastriano’s insurrection movements: photos 

A series of photos and screenshots dug up by #SeditionHunters have placed Senator Doug Mastriano feet from the United States Capitol minutes before it was breached on January 6th.  #SeditionHunters is a group of citizen investigators who have been working to hold participants of the insurrection accountable by identifying them in video and photos taken during the insurrection. This new evidence undermines what Senator Mastriano told Senate Republican Leadership about his participation in the insurrection. 

Screenshots of Senator Mastriano and his wife breaching a police barricade and walking on the North West Lawn of the Capitol grounds emerged over the weekend. PA Spotlight has uncovered that Senator Mastriano witnessed the first breaches of the Capitol in a little-known right-wing interview just days after January 6th. This sparked further interest by the #SeditionHunters to pinpoint his exact location. Parler footage from Propublica’s database that is time-stamped at 1:59 PM shows Senator Mastriano and his wife walking towards the main set of stairs that insurrectionists breached at 2:06 PM.