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DLCC Slams Pro-Gun, Pro-Death SCOTUS Decision

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WASHINGTON — Following a series of devastating mass shootings, the U.S. Supreme Court released a decision today that will put more guns on the streets, a direct threat to the safety of the American people. This decision strikes down a New York law regarding permits for carrying guns outside the home and puts similar laws in California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and many cities in immediate jeopardy. With the NRA and conservative-packed U.S. Supreme Court clearly aligned, Democratic state legislatures are leading the fight to keep Americans alive and improve the safety of our communities. 

“It’s unconscionable that as Americans are being gunned down in schools, grocery stores, and places of worship, the conservative Supreme Court supports putting more guns on the streets,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “The answer to gun violence is not more guns. In fact, Democratic-led gun control legislation such as ‘red flag’ laws, background checks, permits, secure storage, and ghost gun bans have been proven to lower gun death rates. At no point should the Supreme Court legislate from the bench or take its cues from the NRA. It’s now up to state legislatures to stand up to the gun lobby and pass common-sense gun safety legislation to save lives.” 

Associate Justice Stephen Breyer agreed that the Court is overstepping its authority, stating in his dissent, “the question of firearm regulation presents a complex problem—one that should be solved by legislatures rather than courts” and concluding, “New York’s Legislature considered the empirical evidence about gun violence and adopted a reasonable licensing law to regulate the concealed carriage of handguns in order to keep the people of New York safe.” 

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