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DLCC Slams Virginia Republicans for Failing to Protect LGBTQ Community

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WASHINGTON – The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is going on the offensive against General Assembly Republicans for their failure to pass any LGBTQ non-discrimination laws.

“As Virginians celebrate another pride month, it’s shameful that our LGBTQ family members, friends, and neighbors can still be legally discriminated against in the Commonwealth,” Jessica Post, executive director of the DLCC said. “Year after year, Republicans in the General Assembly have shown they lack the courage to pass any equality laws to protect LGBTQ Virginians from discrimination in housing, public accommodations or employment.”  

Earlier this year, Virginia became a central battleground in the struggle for equality. Even though surveys show more than two-thirds of Virginians support nondiscrimination policies, Republicans have remained steadfast in their opposition to such measures. In the 2019 legislative session, Republican House Speaker Kirk Cox and Republican leadership refused to even hold hearings on several proposed bills that would have finally afforded LGBTQ Virginians full equality under the law.

“Democratic legislators and candidates for the General Assembly have pledged to stand up for LGBTQ Virginians, and when we flip Richmond blue this November they will finally pass nondiscrimination laws,” Post said. 

Republicans running in this year’s elections have doubled down on hateful rhetoric against the LGBTQ community. Here is just a sampling of some of the extreme anti-LGBTQ Republicans currently campaigning across the Commonwealth:

“When it comes to equality, the difference between Republicans and Democrats could not be more clear. Republicans are on the wrong side of history,” Post said. “Democrats will continue to stand with the LGBTQ community as we work to make the Commonwealth a better place for every Virginian.”