DLCC Spotlight Candidate Jim Prokopiak Wins Special Election in PA & Protects Democratic House Majority

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democrats maintained the Pennsylvania Democratic House majority tonight after DLCC Spotlight Candidate Jim Prokopiak won his critical special election in the battleground HD-140.

His victory guarantees that Speaker Joanna McClinton retains the speaker’s gavel and paves the way for Gov. Shapiro to deliver the progress that Pennsylvanians deserve. Everything was at stake in this race – a Republican win would have set up the GOP to gain control of both legislative chambers in April, when they would be poised to pass an abortion ban, discriminate against LGBTQ+ children, and push reckless gun laws that make communities less safe. With Representative-elect Jim Prokopiak earning a seat in the House, Pennsylvanians are protected from the worst displays of GOP extremism.

Voters in this critical race in Bucks County turned out in force for Democrats and provided a hopeful data point on the mood of suburban voters in 2024. Bucks County voters represent a key part of the electorate that Democrats need to win over to build Democratic majorities across the country – today’s election signals the momentum behind Democrats’ agenda up and down the ticket. The grassroots energy is on the DLCC’s side as tonight’s victory marks six special election victories for Pennsylvania House Democrats since February 2023, as they’ve maintained their slim majority. 

The DLCC’s momentum in the new year continues to grow. Following our historic wins in 2023, we have continued overperforming across the map and scored key victories that are shifting the balance of power in the states. The DLCC needs continued support and resources to keep this momentum going in Pennsylvania and across the country as we prepare for November. 

Representative-elect Jim Prokopiak issued the following statement:

“I ran for this seat because I want to make peoples’ lives easier in Bucks County. What I heard from voters is that Bucks County residents need help supporting their families, want control over their own bodies, and ensure they have the ability to chart their own paths in life. I’m committed to taking my conversations with voters to Harrisburg and making their dreams a reality. I want to thank voters in my district who put their trust in me, as well as the DLCC for their support. I’m excited to get to work with the House Democratic majority to deliver for families across Bucks County and Pennsylvania. I’m honored to join the Pennsylvania Democratic caucus and look forward to being back on the ballot for a full term in November.” 

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Heather Williams issued the following statement:

“This victory is a promising sign for Democrats up and down the ballot this year – it’s clear that momentum is on our side. Now, our focus turns to defending the Pennsylvania House and making gains in the Pennsylvania Senate in November. Voters want representatives who protect their fundamental freedoms, which is why electing Democrats to legislatures across the country is so important. The DLCC is all hands on deck for 2024, where we have opportunities across the country to defend our progress, flip key chambers, and build lasting Democratic power in the states.” 

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is the official Democratic Party committee dedicated to winning America’s state legislatures and building state infrastructure. Over the last decade, we have fought cycle-over-cycle to gain a dozen new legislative chamber majorities and we are leading the effort to bring national attention and investment to our ballot level. State legislatures are the building blocks of our democracy and have the closest connections to Americans’ day-to-day lives. From protecting fundamental freedoms and voting rights to growing the middle class, the DLCC and state legislators are moving the Democratic agenda forward and shaping the future of this country.