DLCC Spotlights Pennsylvania Special Election Candidates

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is announcing three Pennsylvania Spotlight candidates in upcoming special elections who would bring vital leadership to Harrisburg. Aerion Abney, Martell Covington, and Shawn Dillon are dynamic leaders that are ready to fight for their communities. Republicans in Pennsylvania have proven they are the party of insurrectionists and are unfit to lead, while Pennsylvania Democrats are fighting for democracy, championing workers rights and defending abortion rights in the Keystone State. 

“Aerion Abney, Martell Covington and Shawn Dillon are strong community leaders that will make a difference in the fight for voting rights, better education, and working Pennsylvanians,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “It is more important than ever to elect Democrats in Pennsylvania, as Republicans continue to prey on vulnerable communities and try to enact heinous restrictions on abortion and voting rights. This special election is an opportunity for Pennsylvania voters to tell the Republican Party that they want leaders who will stand for democracy. Make no mistake, Pennsylvanians will be better off with these inspiring and hard-working candidates in office.” 

The following Spotlight candidates have outstanding records of service to their communities and would be valuable assets to the Pennsylvania General Assembly: