DLCC Spotlights Two Pennsylvania House Candidates

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is adding Thom Welby and Gina Curry to its list of Spotlight candidates ahead of two competitive Pennsylvania House special elections this November. Holding these seats is the first step to showing Democratic strength in the Keystone State and expanding our majority in 2022. 

“Thom Welby and Gina Curry know what it means to fight for working families in Pennsylvania and will be champions for education, workers’ rights, safe and affordable housing, and small businesses,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “The Pennsylvania GOP has become increasingly radical as they try to overturn the 2020 election and embrace insurrectionists in their ranks. The DLCC is excited to support candidates who will focus on the issues that matter to Pennsylvanians and will deliver for their constituents.”  

Here are two new candidates for the DLCC’s Spotlight: 

The Pennsylvania GOP has used their majority to try to enact extreme legislation and are in the midst of a sham ballot review backed by insurrectionist Sen. Doug Mastriano. Republican leaders in Pennsylvania have also pushed legislation that would undermine voting rights in this key battleground state and have been working tirelessly to try to pass draconian anti-abortion laws. It is vital that Democrats hold these seats to set ourselves up for success in 2022 and take back the Pennsylvania legislature.