DLCC Targets Virginia Republicans Where it Hurts: Health Care

Press Releases

WASHINGTON —The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is launching a second series of digital ads through its Legislative Majority PAC targeting five incumbent Republican senators and two incumbent delegates on their greatest liability: health care. 

“Democrats made historic gains running on health care in 2017’s House of Delegates elections and then followed through on their pledge to finally pass Medicaid expansion after years of Republican opposition,” said DLCC press secretary Matt Harringer. “The blue wave pressured several Republicans to flip on the issue — but these seven vulnerable Republicans remained steadfast in their opposition to health care and voters will hold them accountable this November.” 

Reeves Medicaid Expansion Ad

The DLCC’s efforts complement and expand on new digital ads by Virginia House Democrats targeting Speaker Kirk Cox and Delegate Chris Jones for their opposition to the Affordable Care Act. 


Earlier in the month, the DLCC targeted incumbent Republicans on gun safety, which got under the skin of at least one member. At a closed-door NRA meeting, Senator Bryce Reeves worriedly read from a DLCC press release and said Democrats would run ads making him out “as the worst thing since Satan” (his comparison, not ours).

“If Bryce Reeves thinks his voting record draws comparisons to Satan, he should have thought twice before opposing health care expansion. Of the districts we’re targeting, his constituents would have benefited from expansion more than any other,” Harringer said. “Reeves isn’t the devil, but his opposition to expansion did cost lives — and we’re going to make sure all of his constituents know it.”

All seven incumbents represent districts won last year by Senator Tim Kaine, a staunch proponent of Medicaid expansion and the ACA — showing just how out of touch Republicans are with their constituents. The targeted Republicans include:

“Health care expansion is Republican’s Achilles’ heel this year. With their party divided on the issue, the Virginia GOP can’t even defend their vulnerable members’ votes,” Harringer said. 

“While Virginia Republicans are divided on health care and dogged down by Trump’s continued quest to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Virginia Democrats are united behind a clear message and it’s going to win us control of the General Assembly this November.”