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DLCC: Terry McAuliffe is Going to the Mat for Virginia State Dems

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post released the following statement on Governor Terry McAuliffe’s commitment to flipping the General Assembly: 

“Governor Terry McAuliffe is a dedicated public servant and fundraising heavyweight. He’s fought to move Virginia forward on health care, education and job creation, and with him in our corner, Virginia Democrats will win this November.”

“Virginia Democrats raised almost $2 million more than Republicans in the first quarter of this year. With Governor McAuliffe’s help, we’re going to widen that margin and ensure our incredible candidates have the resources and support they need to win.” 

Listen to the DLCC’s Stated Podcast interview with Governor McAuliffe

Democrats need to flip just two seats in the Senate and the House of Delegates to gain majorities in both Virginia General Assembly chambers. Last week, the DLCC endorsed 17 candidates in its Spotlight program — including teachers, veterans and community leaders — to provide them with the resources, attention and support needed to win their elections.