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Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Unveils 2024 Roadmap Memo – The Year of the States

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Record-breaking 2023 fundraising and a robust target map means everything is on the line in 2024

Washington, DC – Today, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee unveiled our “2024 roadmap” memo outlining our priorities, fundraising, and targets for the coming year. 

To read the full memo, click here

2024 is the most important election cycle in state legislative campaign history. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is off to a roaring start this cycle, overperforming special elections in 2023 by an average of six points and sweeping the November 2023 elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania while Democrats also won a crucial abortion measure in Ohio. With end-of-year fundraising numbers in, the DLCC is happy to announce raising over $21 million so far this cycle, a record amount. This puts us on pace to meet our target budget, with more work to do to reach our lofty goals. The DLCC has experienced four consecutive quarters of growth and record-breaking grassroots fundraising, despite downwards industry trends. 

Other important details in this memo include:

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Heather Williams issued the following statement:

“2024 is the year of the states and the DLCC is proud to unveil our roadmap to ensuring Democrats win back power at the state legislative level. With this unprecedented transparency, we’re all hands on deck to continue our unprecedented growth as we start the 2024 election cycle.

“The DLCC has raised over $21 million so far this cycle, a record amount for our organization and we experienced four consecutive quarters of growth, despite negative industry trends affecting many of our peer organizations. With newfound attention on this level of the ballot, the DLCC plans to harness this energy and execute our roadmap strategy laid out in this memo.

“There’s never been a better time to invest in and join our battle to win state legislatures and build state infrastructure across the country. The DLCC is leading this fight and we have a plan to continue to sustain our fundraising and organizational success while continuing to win races everywhere. This is our moment, this is our time. Join us today.”