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DLCC Uplifts State Democratic Achievements Ahead Of Biden State of the Union Address To Gridlocked Congress

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Tonight, President Biden will deliver his second State of the Union to Congress and the nation. DLCC interim President Heather Williams released the following statement ahead of the President’s address:  

“Last fall, the American people recognized the bold accomplishments of Democrats and rejected the GOP at the ballot box in the best midterm year for the president’s party in modern history. President Biden and Congressional Democrats made historic progress over the last two years, and key victories at the federal level will mean that extremist Republican lawmakers in the House are kept in check. But with a divided Congress will inevitably come worsening gridlock. Democratic victories at the state legislative level of the ballot will ensure that progress continues for American families. 

“The reality is, Democrats cannot enact their vision for the country without state legislative majorities. We made history in November by flipping four state legislative chambers red to blue and defending every Democratic majority — a first in a midterm year since at least 1934. Those historic midterm performances mean that Democrats can defend and expand abortion rights, protect access to the ballot box, and make sweeping progress on issues that are often stalled at the federal level.

“Democrats must keep up this momentum by sending attention and resources to the state legislative level of the ballot to defend against MAGA extremism and continue moving the country forward.” 

Democrats in state legislatures have already taken steps to enact progress this year, including: 

Protecting Abortion Access  And Reproductive Health

Safeguarding Democracy

Strengthening the Economy

Passing Gun Safety Reforms: