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FLASHBACK: TX GOP Celebrated Prematurely Ending Public Health Measures

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Texas is shutting back down as the number of coronavirus cases across the state reaches new highs. Texas Republicans, however, can’t hide from the fact that they have irresponsibly advocated for the state to ignore advice from medical experts from the very beginning of this pandemic. They celebrated the dangerous policies that have now led to one of the worst coronavirus cases in the country: putting lives at risk and prolonging damage to the state’s economy.  

GOP lawmakers put their state at risk by downplaying this virus from the start:

“The Republican response to the pandemic has been a complete disaster, endangering lives in every corner of the state and forcing the economy to shut back down,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Instead of listening to public health experts, the GOP failed to lead and downplayed the threat of the virus for political gain. As a result, Texans are paying the price for their incompetence.”