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Following Continued Republican Obstruction, Oregon House Democrats File to Run in Every District

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WASHINGTON — The Oregon legislative session ended with very little to show after Oregon Republicans’ repeat performance of walking out of the session to protest climate action, running out the clock and leaving several other important pieces of legislation unaddressed. After Republicans refused, for days, to return to their legislative duties, bills that would have provided $45 million to homeless shelters, $20 million to expand mental health treatment, and $50 million for affordable housing, among others, died on the floor. Democrats are ready to hold Republicans accountable and, today, Oregon House Democrats announced they will have a candidate running in a record number of House districts in the state. 

“Congratulations to Oregon House Democrats on a stellar recruiting period,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Republicans wasted taxpayer dollars by leaving the state instead of doing their jobs. I have no doubt that voters will hold them responsible for it at the ballot box this year.”

As of tonight’s campaign filing deadline, 87 Democrats filed to run in Oregon’s 60 House districts. For the first time in over a decade, not a single Republican candidate for the Oregon State House will run unopposed. 

“Oregon’s robust slate of candidates is another clear sign that Democrats are heading into 2020 with momentum on our side,” added Post. “This record-breaking recruitment year will ensure that Oregon Democrats can continue to fight for well funded public schools, affordable housing, and accessible health care for all — and to put an end to Republican obstruction once and for all.”