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Freitas’ Flub Could Cost Republicans The House

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — In reaction to the Virginia Board of Elections rejecting a last-ditch attempt by the GOP to place Delegate Nick Freitas on the ballot in HD-30, a seat Trump won by 37 points, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee press secretary Matt Harringer released the following statement:

“The bankrupt Republican Party of Virginia is in chaos. We’d call it a circus — but that wouldn’t be fair to the clowns.” 

“Freitas’ flub will force Republicans to divert crucial time and money toward an impossible write in-campaign — diverting their limited resources from a dozen other vulnerable candidates. His incompetence is going to cost Republicans this seat and the House.” 

“Thanks to record-setting Democratic recruitment efforts, we have a great candidate in Ann Ridgeway. Ridgeway knows Virginia must invest more in schools, improve infrastructure and increase job opportunities — and she knows how to qualify for the ballot.”