Georgia Republicans Pass Legislative Maps that Continue to Dilute Power of Black Voters

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WASHINGTON – Today, Georgia Republicans once again passed discriminatory state House and Senate maps that infringe on the rights of Black and minority voters in the state. The legislature had one week to pass new maps after a federal court ruled that the first set of Republican-drawn maps were unconstitutional and violated the Voting Rights Act. 

Instead of rectifying their wrongs, Georgia’s Republican legislators drew maps that still dilute Black voting power – reinforcing their undemocratic power grab, and continuing their malicious and cynical push to quiet the voices of minority voters.

Georgia has a steep and pointed history of voter suppression, and these maps are yet another example of it.  These maps should and will be challenged in court until Black voters have a real opportunity to elect candidates in Georgia who represent their communities. 

 DLCC Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“Time and time again, Georgia Republicans turn to racial gerrymandering and voter suppression to preserve their power at all costs. Even when presented with a federal court mandate to draw fair maps, the Georgia GOP has failed again to ensure fair representation for Black voters – finding yet another way to dilute their power. The DLCC supports the Georgia Democratic caucuses and future legal remedies to challenge Republicans for as long as they propose illegal maps that dilute minority voting power. Georgians deserve representatives as diverse as the wonderful communities in their state. The DLCC and in-state partners will never stop fighting for fair maps and representation for all.”

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