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Geary Higgins is a Gun Lobby Extremist

Press Releases

LOUDOUN, VA — Delegate John Bell, the Democratic nominee in this year’s election for the open Senate District 13 seat, is challenging his opponent, extreme Republican Geary Higgins, to support commonsense measures to reduce gun violence. 

“As a veteran who has carried a gun in combat zones, I understand the lethality of firearms and the urgent need for safe and responsible gun ownership. This isn’t a debate over the second amendment — this is about commonsense gun safety and the need to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Virginians,” said Bell. “Geary Higgins is out of touch with Northern Virginians in both parties on gun safety — he’s even attacked fellow Republicans for supporting the smallest of compromises. In Richmond, Higgins will be another gun lobby sellout stopping progress for Northern Virginia.”

Bell is a strong supporter of commonsense gun safety legislation, including universal background checks, a red-flag law and a ban on high-capacity magazines like those used in last month’s Virginia Beach massacre. 

Higgins’ refusal to support any commonsense gun safety proposals has earned him an “A” rating from the NRA. He even attacked fellow Republican, Ron Meyer, for voting simply to study gun safety proposals on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors. 

“If Geary Higgins won’t even allow us to study gun safety, how does he ever expect to curb gun violence?” Bell said. 

In the aftermath of the Virginia Beach shooting, it appears Higgins has refused to make any public statements about potential solutions to Virginia’s gun violence crisis. He’s radically out of step with Senate District 13, which supported Hillary Clinton, Ralph Northam and Tim Kaine by large majorities — and this November, voters will hold him accountable. 

“This special session, we have an opportunity to finally do something that could save lives. Republicans need to stop standing in the way of commonsense, lifesaving reforms to ensure that we never experience a Virginia Tech or a Virginia Beach again,” Bell said. “In the special session and in the Senate, I’ll support universal background checks, a red-flag law and a ban on high-capacity magazines.”