Glenn Davis Supports the Gun Lobby over Gun Safety

Press Releases

WASHINGTON – Republican Delegate Glenn Davis is putting the gun lobby ahead of gun safety by refusing to support commonsense proposals to limit gun violence.

“Twelve Virginians were murdered in a mass shooting and Glenn Davis is complaining about the timing of the special session. Davis is gleefully talking about NRA events – while refusing to condemn the gun lobby for rallying in Virginia Beach just weeks after the massacre,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee press secretary Matt Harringer. “Davis is an extremist who has taken the gun lobby’s money in exchange for his opposition to universal background checks or banning high-capacity magazines.”

His real record: Glenn Davis has been endorsed by the NRA, earned a 100-percent rating from the radical Virginia Citizens Defense League, and taken multiple contributions from the gun lobby. In exchange for their support, he has been completely silent on or opposed:

“This special session is about commonsense gun safety, but Glenn Davis and the gun lobby want to scare extremists into thinking Democrats will take their guns away if we pass universal background checks,” Harringer said. “Virginians, Democratic and Republican alike, overwhelmingly support background checks – but Glenn Davis puts his gun lobby donors over his constituents.”