Glenn Youngkin Wants to Ban Abortion — And So Do VA GOP House of Delegates Candidates

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WASHINGTON —  In a new recording, Virginia gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin revealed his hardline position against abortion, promising to go “on offense” if he wins and Republicans take control of the House of Delegates this November. While this position is extreme for Virginians, Youngkin is far from alone on the Republican ticket — Republican legislative challengers are hostile to reproductive freedom and threaten to restrict access if they win the majority this fall. 

“Glenn Youngkin just revealed Republicans’ priority if they take control of the House of Delegates: they’re coming after reproductive freedom, ” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Virginia Democrats are prepared to fight back and protect their constituents’ right to choose, which is all the more reason to make sure the GOP can’t win back the House of Delegates and turn back the clock on progress in the commonwealth.”

If given the chance, these right-wing Republican legislative challengers would work to attack Virginians’ reproductive freedom: