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ICYMI: Colorado House Candidate Joins Long List of GOP Insurrectionists Running for Office

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New reporting revealed that Colorado House candidate Katie Lehr joined a radio show shortly after the insurrection to tout her attendance as “one of the first people to head down to the Capitol” at the deadly coup attempt. Lehr, who isn’t a stranger to spreading misinformation, has peddled election fraud conspiracies, anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-Semitic rhetoric, and is hostile toward abortion rights. The news of Lehr’s insurrectionist history comes following long-time Colorado Republican Senator Kevin Priola’s announcement that he has left the GOP due to the party’s complicity on January 6, their continued attempts to spread election fraud lies, and their refusal to act on climate change. 

“Katie Lehr is one of many Republican candidates who traveled to DC for Trump’s attempt to overturn the election, and is a clear example of GOP extremism spreading to all levels of government,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “There’s no room in any statehouse for someone who parrots dangerous lies about our democracy and spouts hateful rhetoric about our country’s most marginalized communities. Not only does the GOP hand out free passes to these harmful candidates, but they are also actively pushing their right-wing views across the country. Colorado deserves better than anti-democratic extremism, and the only way to protect democracy is to elect Democrats this fall.” 

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee was the first and only entity committed to identifying, tracking, and condemning the hundreds of Republican state lawmakers who aided and abetted Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election and continue to normalize anti-democratic extremism. The committee’s GOP of Hall of Shame: Sedition Edition tracks these lawmakers and candidates and ensures that every voter understands the GOP’s role in the insurrection and the Republican attempt to overturn free and fair elections.