ICYMI: DLCC Announces Record-Breaking Q2 Fundraising

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — First reported by CBS News, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee and its affiliated organizations raised $6.75 million, breaking their second quarter fundraising record set in 2020 and fundraising at its fastest pace ever. Bolstered by outrage over the GOP’s crusade to ban abortion, the DLCC has had its best online fundraising year to date and more than doubled its number of new donors compared to the first quarter of the year. The average donation was $23, and this record success was powered by donors from all 50 states. 

“Grassroots engagement has skyrocketed following the decision overturning Roe and momentum is building to elect Democrats to state legislatures across the country,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “Voters are outraged at Republicans’ stunning efforts to rollback our fundamental rights, and they understand that we must defeat them in state legislatures across the country. So let me be clear, state Democrats are the last line of defense for the future of our country. The DLCC is better resourced than ever before to defend Democratic seats, challenge the extremism of the GOP, and build long-term infrastructure for cycles to come.” 

The DLCC is strategically defending Democratic majorities, targeting vulnerable Republican chambers, and building a path to the majority across the country as the 2022 midterm cycle ramps up. As Republicans pass unpopular and dangerous legislation in the states, these fundraising numbers show that momentum is growing on our side as we prepare to challenge the GOP in November.