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ICYMI: DLCC Day of Action Reaches 25 Million

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WASHINGTON — On Friday, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee organized a Digital Day of Action to launch the general election fight to #FlipVABlue. Working with presidential candidates, allied organizations and stakeholders in Virginia, the social media campaign reached almost 4 million people with 7 million impressions.

DLCC Day of Action tweet

The #FlipVABlue campaign rallied grassroots supporters, a number of progressive groups, celebrities, and prominent Democratic politicians to affirm their commitment to win majority control of the General Assembly. Participants included: 

Elizabeth Warren Day of Action Tweet

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The Day of Action amplified the importance of this November’s General Assembly elections, the highest-profile battle of 2019. Supporters shared their reasons for organizing and could commit to supporting the effort, online or on the ground in Virginia. Democrats need to flip just two seats in each chamber to win control of the legislature for the first time in over two decades. 

Democrats are contesting a record number of districts this November — at least 90 in the House and 35 in the Senate — while Republicans are on the defensive, endangered by their extreme right-wing positions. Democrats also reported outraising the GOP by over $1 million in the latest fundraising disclosures.