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ICYMI: DLCC Launches Flip Everything Campaign

Press Releases

ICYMI — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee kicked off its Flip Everything 2020 campaign at a press conference yesterday, unveiling its election targets for the first time in the committee’s history. DLCC President Jessica Post previewed Democrats’ strategy heading into crucial state legislative elections this year and detailed plans to target more than a dozen Republican-held chambers in 13 states. 

CSPAN coverage

Watch C-SPAN’s coverage of the press event

POLITICO: Democrats plan $50M campaign to flip state legislatures before redistricting

Steering Democrats’ strategy to win back state legislative power is Jessica Post, an operative who is little-known outside Democratic campaign circles and has spent the last five years turning the once-sleepy DLCC into a juggernaut.

NBC News: Democratic group pledges millions for state legislative wins

Looking forward to 2020, Post said the DLCC will continue to invest time, money, and staff into these targeted states and pointed to state Democrats’ 2019 victory in Virginia where the General Assembly began its latest session under total Democratic control for the first time in 25 years.

The Hill: Democrats plan major investments in state legislative races

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) will target legislative seats in seven Republican-controlled states, where the party is within just a handful of seats of reclaiming control of one or both legislative chambers, said Jessica Post, the group’s president.

CBS News: The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee announced their 2020 top target states

To jumpstart efforts, the committee has made a one million dollar early investment in these states and has a goal to spend $50 million in 2020 for state legislative races. Their unveiling of 2020 targets comes less than two weeks before a special election in Texas House District 28.

Arizona PBS: Arizona one of seven state legislatures Democrats target for takeover

Arizona was identified Thursday as one of seven states where Democrats plan to “fight like hell” to turn the state government from red to blue in 2020.

Spectrum News Coverage

Watch Spectrum News’ coverage of the press event