ICYMI: DLCC President Jessica Post on MSNBC’s Symone, “The Republican Party Has a Long History of Lying”

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WASHINGTON — Over the weekend, DLCC President Jessica Post appeared on MSNBC’s Symone to discuss the importance of state legislatures in a post-Roe America. During a panel discussion with Symone Sanders, Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin, and political consultant Shermichael Singleton, Post stressed that Republicans at the state level will not stop at restricting abortion access and are already laying the groundwork to attack other fundamental rights such as marriage equality and birth control. Democrats in state legislatures are the last line of defense against Republican extremism and future attacks on our most fundamental rights.

DLCC President Jessica Post: Navigating A Post-Roe America

“The Republican Party has a long history of lying to the press, and also their Supreme Court nominees essentially lied when under oath in the U.S. Senate […] Thomas obviously mentioned Obergefell, the ruling that protects marriage equality. He also mentioned Griswold v. Connecticut for birth control. The Republicans have this way of saying ‘you’re hysterical, that’s not going to happen,’ and the reality is, it’s happened every time. They also said, ‘oh no, we wouldn’t challenge a free and fair election’ – and then we had January 6th, so I don’t believe them at all […] In the state legislatures across the country, Republicans want to take action to make same-sex marriage illegal, to ban IUDs, so all of this is happening in the states, as well as an undercurrent of what is happening here federally.”

Jessica Post is the president of the DLCC, the official party committee tasked with electing Democrats to the state legislature. Under her leadership, the DLCC is leading the national party against Republican attacks on our democracy and fundamental rights across the states.