ICYMI: DLCC President Jessica Post Previews State Legislative Midterms on CSPAN’s Washington Journal

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WASHINGTON — DLCC President Jessica Post appeared on CSPAN’s Washington Journal to discuss the DLCC’s efforts to elect Democrats to statehouses across the country, the challenges candidates are up against in the face of historic headwinds, and a lack of funding at the state legislative level. Post also took questions from the live national audience, speaking directly to Americans across the political spectrum about the issues that matter most to them and how Democrats are best poised to address rising costs and protect reproductive rights.

CSPAN’s Washington Journal: Jessica Post on State Legislatures and Campaign 2022

“In many of the state legislative districts across the country, we have to win in places where maybe the statewide campaign isn’t going. So we may have to win in Traverse City, Michigan. We can’t just turn out voters in Detroit or in Kalamazoo. We have to win in the suburbs, in small towns, and often in rural America. And so that means we have to both persuade moderate votes, but we also get to turn out Democrats in places where no one else in the party is turning those Democrats out and that’s part of the importance of funding state legislative races is getting to those voters.” 

Jessica Post is the president of the DLCC, the official party committee tasked with electing Democrats to the state legislature. Under her leadership, the DLCC is leading the national party against Republican attacks on our democracy and fundamental rights across the states.